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1325 N Shiloh Dr Fayetteville, AR 72704

(479) 856-6040

Rooms are available for $169 per night and includes their breakfast buffet.

There are no less than 4 other hotels that are either within a 5 minute walk or 5 minute drive of the event hotel.

Warhammer 40K GT

Brian Preece - EO

  • 2000 Point lists

  • Grand Tournament Rules

  • 2024 GW Missions will be used

  • 5 Rounds

  • 80 Person Cap

  • All books out 2 weeks prior to the event will be legal and used.

2024  Rules Pack and Painting Rubric

40K Painting Rubric

We will be using the Following Rubric for the 40K events. This is a very unconventional rubric for one very simple reason: Time. We have a limited staff and run a very tight ship and we simply can’t judge everyone’s score. We know you all want feedback on your lovingly created armies (we do for our own), but we just don’t have time to judge 100+armies while doing everything else. Since there are a limited amount of paint awards, from a pragmatic standpoint, we can focus on the best armies to save time. This isn’t meant to be a slight to anyone at all, simply a matter of being practical.

  • Tournament Ready: The army is painted to a 3 color standard and qualifies for prize support.

  • This army is not to a 3 color standard and is intelligible for prize support.

  • 3 Colors Plus: The Army is painted above and beyond the 3 color standard and shows a great deal of effort and care. Well done!

  • Exceptional: The Army represent both exceptional skill and effort, and warrants a close inspection as it is in the running for a painting prize and is subject to the following scoring system. This army is in the top 10% of armies present based on majority vote of paint judges.

  • +1 For two layers of highlighting.

  • +2 For three or more layers of highlighting. This overrides the previous bonus.

  • +1 For blended highlighting.

  • +1 For Object Source Lighting.

  • +1 For Weathering.

  • +1 For NMM.

  • +1 For freehand work.

  • +2 For exceptional freehand work. This means artistic work that is above and beyond basic freehand work such as squad markings, etc. This overrides the previous bonus.

  • +1 For a cohesive, noteworthy theme throughout the army. This is above and beyond a common theme and represents an impressive, creative work that is unique or uncommon.

  • +1 Exceptional basing with multiple elements used, or for noteworthy care taken in construction.

  • +1 For conversion work.

  • +2 For exceptional conversion work. This means sculpting parts, major kit bashes, etc. This overrides the previous bonus.

  • +1 For green-stuff work.

  • +1 For a display Board.

  • +2 For an exceptional display board that shows effort and artistic talent above and beyond the norm. This overrides the previous bonus.

  • +1 For “cool” factor. Much like fine art, it’s hard to define, but we know it when we see it. Yes, subjective, but all paint judging is.

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