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Shiloh Slaughter

Kings of War GT February 24th & 25th, 2024

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Once again we are proud to present our own spin on a Kings of War GT.  With an emphasis on having fun, showing off beautiful armies, and getting to know new friends and old friends alike.  Come join us as we battle for supremacy in the Ozark Mountains and command the mighty Hogs of War.

24 Our Venue

Games Explosion
1110 Mathias Drive
Suite A
Springdale, AR 72762

Venue Rules 

  • Store rules do not allow us to publicly consume alcohol.

  • Any player caught with alcohol will be required to remove it from sight / the premises.

  • The TO & Staff cannot see through opaque drinking vessels and will assume you are following the rules.

  • Anyone obviously intoxicated and causing a scene OR causing physical damage will be removed from the tournament.


Lists can be sent to before February 17th, 2024.


• 8:00-8:45 Venue opens and event registration
• 9:00-11:30 Game 1
• 11:30-12:30 Lunch and Paint Judging
• 12:30-3:00 Game 2
• 3:15-5:45 Game 3

  • 6:00 - 10:00 Free Play

• 8:00-8:45 Venue opens
• 9:00-11:30 Game 4
• 11:45 -2:15 Game 5

  • 2:15 - 3:30 Lunch

• 3:30 Prizes and Awards

***Please note lunch will be after game 5
on Sunday to allow us time to get scores tabulated
and to allow players who are traveling to get on the
road earlier.

  • Rules

  • Kings of War 3.5 Ed. Rules (KoW) and Uncharted Empires (UE) will be used along with all current errata, published COK Books and FAQs found on the Mantic website.

  • Five Games: First-round pairings will be randomly assigned prior to the event (Grudge matches will be allowed. Subsequent games will be set using a Swiss System based on Battle Points with a secondary filter (if needed). Rounds 1-2 will exclude members of the same groups from playing one another (unless via 1st Round Challenge).

  • Units/Miniatures do not need to be produced by any particular miniature company.

  • Paint is not required, but every unit needs to be fully assembled with all of the appropriate pieces and properly based. Units not fully assembled are subject to removal from play by a event organizers. NOTE: painting will be judged and factor into your overall score.

  • Army Lists

  • Armies may be no more than 2300 points. The following armies will be allowed:

  • KoW: Abyssal Dwarfs

  • KoW: Basileans

  • KoW: Dwarfs

  • KoW: Elves

  • KoW: Empire of Dust

  • KoW: Forces of Nature

  • KoW: Forces of the Abyss

  • KoW: Goblins

  • KoW: Northern Alliance

  • KoW: Ogres

  • KoW: Orcs

  • KoW: Nightstalkers

  • KoW: Trident Realm of Neritica

  • KoW: Twilight Kin

  • KoW: Undead

  • Tournament Rules

  • Withdraw (-1 to hit) will be in play

  • No Allies will be allowed

  • Clash of Kings 2024 will be used.

  • Chess Clocks: Players will be expected to use clocks to keep the rounds on time. Each player will dictate whether they will or won’t use a clock at the start of each game.  Please look at scoring as you will get a bonus for each game you play on the clock.

  • Army Lists: Each player must bring copies of their army lists to share with their opponents during the game, players failing to do so will be subject to potential loss in points.

  • Miniatures do not have to be painted, but it will make it very hard to nearly impossible to win an award.  Miniatures do, however, have to be WYSIWYG.

  • If any model is used as a “counts-as” or a proxy for another, this must be made clear to your opponent before a game begins. These models should have a reasonable connection to the unit they represent.

  • Models must be based on the appropriate base size and shape for their type.  Players will not be allowed to use models that are a clear abuse of the “counts-as” rule. If you have questions, please contact the tournament organizer before the tournament. The 50% +1 model count will not be strictly enforced as long as it is not being abused and meets the rule of cool.

  • A minimum of two copies of your list will be required, and provided by Shiloh Slaughter, if you wish for each of your opponents to get a list you will be responsible for providing them.

  • In addition to your army & copies of your army list, you need to make sure you bring the following:
    • Easily readable dice, tape-measures, rule-books, damage markers, etc.
    • A method to smoothly transport your army between games.

  • Other Information

  • The event organizers are checking all lists to ensure they are legal. Reference the FAQs on the Home page for details on list submission.

  • Please note that the above rules are subject to change and will be updated up and until February  1st, 2024. We reserve the flexibility to provide the best tournament for the participants.

  • UE: Brotherhood

  • UE: Free Dwarfs

  • UE: Kingdoms of Men

  • UE: The Herd

  • UE: Ratkin

  • UE: Salamanders

  • UE: Sylvan Kin

  • UE: Varangur

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