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Winners from Melee at Shiloh 2022

Warhammer 40K

1st Place - Nick Nanavati

2nd Place -

3rd Place - Ward Watts

Best Painted - Blake Dixson

2nd Best Painted - Georde Murray

Warhammer 40K

Best Overall - Rob Phaneuf

Best General - Jeff Schiltgen

Best Sports - Jason Johnson

Best Painted - Dan Cammack

Marvel Crisis Protocol

Day one Winner - Brent Simon

Day Two Winner - Aaron

Flames of War

Best Sports - Luke Bradley

Best Army - Charie Clay

Best Table - Gordon Gregson

Overall Winner

Old Hammer

1st - Matt Farrar

2nd - Matt Butler

3rd - Zane Picket

Cursed Dice - Ashley Ross


1st- Aaron  Franklin

2nd - Nate Em

3rd- David Erger

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