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Buildings / Statues = Height 6 (Blocking)

Hills = Height 3 (Open Terrain)

Woods = Height 5 (Difficult)

Walls / Ruined Walls = Height 2 (Obstacles)

Crops & Rocky Ground = Height 1 (Difficult)

Special Features will be noted table by table

Be sure to go over all terrain with your opponent before you start deploying to make sure you are on the same page.  Terrain will mostly be set at each table.  However, each player will be allowed to move up to two pieces of terrain.  Roll off to see who picks first and the terrain once moved may not be moved again and must stay at least 6" for another piece of terrain or board edge and not within 9 " of the center if the Dominate scenario is being played.  Hills may not be placed wholely within a deployment zone. 


Included in the price of admission is a "Tournament Re-Roll" that will allow you to re-roll a single dice each game of the tournament (you may only re-roll a dice you have rolled).  This dice may be one dice out of a set of dice rolled, like Nerve Tests, but only a single dice out of a set can be re-rolled.  This re-roll takes place outside the normal sequence of events and it replaces the original roll and means the re-roll can be re-rolled due to other special rules.  [Example: A melee to-hit dice might have rolled a 2, then you use your tournament re-roll and get a result of 1 that replaces the original result of 2, then if that unit has the Elite special rule the new result of 1 will trigger a re-roll to-hit.] 

Hogs of WAR


In addition to your 2300 point army list, your army may include one of the following Hogs of War.  These Hogs are treated as selections from your army so spells, auras, inspiring, and rally from your army also applies to them and vice versa.

King Pigonitus 200 points
Sp 6 | Me 3+ | Ra - | At 6 | De 5+ | Ne 14/16
Infantry/Heavy Infantry, Height 2, Unit Strength 1

Base Size: 20x20, 25x25, or 40x40

Crushing Strength (2), Very Inspiring, Individual, Elite, Fury, Mighty, Duelist, Stealthy, Pig Sty

Maximus Pig 200 points

Sp 8 | Me 3+ | Ra - | At 6 | De 5+ | Ne 13/15
Calvery, Height 2, Unit Strength 1

Base Size:  25x50

Crushing Strength (1), Thunderous (1), Self Inspiring, Dread, Pathfinder, Vicious, Stealthy, Pig Sty

Pigenstein 200 points

Sp 6 | Me 3+ | Ra - | At 5 | De 5+ | Ne -/15
Monster, Height 4, Unit Strength 1
Base Size:  50x50

Crushing Strength (1), Ensnare, Nimble, Stealthy, Strider, Pig Sty

Pig Sty (Aura 6")(special rule)

Before Round 1 each game you will roll a D3 and that is the additional special rule your Hog of War has....

1) Spell Ward (1)

2) Rally (1)

3) Radiance of LIfe


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