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Melee at Shiloh

*  Warfaire Weekend Qualifying Event

*Pre-registration Required (See bottom of page)

* 75 Point 2018 Steamroller

* Masters Format

* 2 Lists Optional

* Strength of Schedule

* Death Clocks

* Registration 9 AM

* Welcome at 9:45

* Round 1 Starts 10:00

* After round 2 drops can play at side events

(more info to come on this)


Melee at Shiloh

Melee at Shiloh is on for
March 2nd & 3rd, 2024
Tickets are on sale now.  Information about specific events will be updated before November15th with
latest updates.

       With a new year, some things stay the same and some things change.   As most of you have heard already, I have retired from screen printing and T'Shirt Explosion is no more.  We have moved into a much nicer and much larger building, we have changed our name to Games Explosion and I have brought on partners that you may already know, Dion Francis and Chris Collins.  Due to growing pains and needing more space Melee is getting broken up this year.  Feb 24th & 25th will be Shiloh Slaughter GT for Kings of War , Melee at Shiloh 40K GT will be March 2nd & 3rd.  Please go to the respective pages to see tournament info, player packs (when available) and your venues that you will be playing at.  As always we look forward to seeing you this year and if you have any
questions please feel free to contact us at
                                                                                           Brian aka ShopDaddy

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Melee at Shiloh
Warhammer 40K GT


Coming Soon

Shiloh Slaughter
Kings of War GT


Shiloh Showdown
MCP Event


Shiloh Showdown
Fantasy Old World

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