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Saturday only

Version 4 Late War

3 Rounds 2.5 hous each

111 points from all

official Battlefront LW Army

and campaign books

that are released.

Formation command Cards

and Second Formation or allied formations will be allowed.

*EXTENDED MISSIONS PACKETS will be in use and no stance may be used more than twice.
*The players will roll a die after both have has chosen their Attack, Maneuver or Defend posture and then consult the matrix for the mission.
*No posture may be used more than twice.
*FIGHTING WITHDRAWAL will excluded from the Missions pack. If that is a mission that comes up re-roll for your scenario.
*Rounds will be 2.5 hrs in length with START time and reminders announced.
*Play halts and dice down at the end of the round.
*A good sportsmanship guideline is if you cannot finish a game or a round in the time remaining, call it where you are.
*To determine overall score we'll be using # of Wins with Tie Breakers of Sportsmanship Score, # of Victory Points, # of Enemy Units or Formation Commanders Destroyed, and D6 Roll Off.
*Prizes will be for Champion, Best Sport, Best Army, and please bring terrain for a table to be considered for the Best Table prize.
List should be sent to Charlie Clay at

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